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Where's The Peace ft. Kat Luna

from Spread Love by MC Longshot



Longshot + Lazerbeak have teamed up once again to bring us all a little bit closer with their sophomore collaborative album 'Spread Love'. The follow up to 2018's 'Parades' finds the duo more polished and focused with their sound and message. The first single is 'Where's The Peace?' ft. Kat Luna. Longshot's lyrics speak of the everlasting hope for equality and love for all people. Songstress Kat Luna's angelic voice perfectly blends with Shot's over crunchy drums and boisterous horns laced by the legend Lazerbeak. 'Where's The Peace' is available now and album drops 11.5.21. Enjoy.


Im hearing voices in my mind
Telling me to grab the 9
Run up on him quick
And put it to his spine
Im out here struggling
Trying to get myself a plate
Barely eating out of state
Homey grab me an 1/8
Trying to escape
Feeling lost in this hell
Can you relate to getting
Tossed in a cell
Without a dime
A lot of times
We turn to crime
Feeling desperate and broke
When all we need
Is a lot less stress
And some hope
So where's the peace
And can I get me a slice
You aint never been successful
Wanna give me advice
No looking back
Im cooking raps on the couch
Feeling down
Cuz I know i'm better
Than 1/2 that's out
Getting heard
I'm giving words
For a couple of reasons
1st the therapy it provides
My mind when the seasons
Plus you ate it
When I fed ya open mouths
Me joke around
I never do
Slow that down
I told you pal
We not a town
It's the city
Go Ill
Flow filled the void
Them boys is road kill
Hold still with that hate homey
Pause that doubt
Lemme show you
What I'm talking about
I show and prove
Knowing dues gotta be paid
I humbly grind
Thanking God for beautiful souls
On this ugly climb
I know the beast wont cease
Straight devouring the streets
But still
I gotta ask yal
Where's the peace

Where's the peace
I wanna see it in the sky
Where's the peace
Go 'head
Put it in the sky

Tell me where it is
The love
We all want peace and love
Tell me

Now tell me what it look like
When we're locked up again
Locked up again
Prison, parole, pen
Sending men to their death
I wish it would all end
But brothers in hell
Wish for ice water and gin
Spend the 1st lil cash we get
On spinning rims
That's reflective of a life
We running in place with
Chasing incarceration
With a knife like Jason
Pretend like this justice system
Aint racist
I was stopped
For going "blrrrrt" to a cop
I was clean but got locked
Cuz the copper was hot
Said he was at a traffic stop
And I disrupted the scene
But I know he messed with me
Cuz I was a young
They trouble you man
And make it real tough
For you to hug with ya kin
Cuz they like that
When they control
A brother's liberty
They break that same brother down
Physically and mentally
I aint saying I aint in control
Of my own
Cuz I know, I know
I know I gotta act grown
And not give 'em the chance
To lock and throw away the key
Cuz freedom aint free
It costs a pretty penny g

Tell me where it is
The love
We all want peace and love
Tell me

Where's the peace
I wanna see it in the sky
Where's the peace
Go 'head
Put it in the sky


from Spread Love, track released October 12, 2021
Produced by Lazerbeak
Lyrics by Longshot
Background vocals by Kat Luna
Mixed + Mastered by Jesse Semanko


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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