Life​(​U Only Get 1) prod Profound

from i Caint Fix My Self by MC Longshot



I had become twisted & filled with hate/dark wont defeat darkness/it's light that takes/& that light lives in love/so let it come from ya chest/release the anger like a hanger/taking off that dress/underneath we're all naked/i wear my heart on my arm/if i'm mad all the time/that's not helping that's harm/i gotta play it right/my part with the art imma lead/it's always been inside of me/2 write these songs how i bleed/cuz that's my ink/i dont think/i just roll it & breathe/walk around with a cockiness above the knee/above the neck/heck/i'm just definitely/on my grind all the time/aint no resting 4 me/expecting 2 be/more than what u ever could see/i just did a couple days/& know that freedom aint free/but i caint be dumb/& just give the key/2 lock me up & throw away/that's not my destininy/

rest in love George Floyd/& all the rest that done died/Breonna Taylor/say their names/from the chest we done cried/so tired of seeing another one/go 2 the grave/by the hands of the people/thats protected & paid/paid 2 neglect us/left us when needed the most/the world is a vampire/why we bleeding the most/receiving the least/cease with the negative please/at least consider our lives/when we talking police/cuz see blues lives matter/aint arresting 4 me/a uniform aint a life/its whats under the neath/we under it deep/the system built oppresivesivly/attacking Brown & Black Womxn/so depressing 2 see/we gotta love better/men us especialaly/we in a spiritual war fare/fighting ourselves 2 the E/N-D/no dice when it come 2 the D/evil trying 2 take us under/cuz u only get 1


from i Caint Fix My Self, released November 6, 2020
produced by Profound


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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