iBelieve prod Profound

from i Caint Fix My Self by MC Longshot



oh/i believe, i believe in me/& in the process of becoming what i'm meant 2 be/saving lives with my raps/yeah i doctor the beat/like my GG used 2 do/potato salad 2 eat/oh/i believe, i believe in fam/even though we aint the closest/know i never will scram/sticking true by ya side/4eva as much as i can/we gone see them better days/cuz that's part of the plan/oh/i believe, i believe in U.S./Unified Souls/suffering 2 gain some trust/that we'll prolly never get/thoughts of burying me/only produce more seeds/now watch em carry the "V"/thats the vision of a new America 4 the B/L-A-C-K people fighting 4 free/oh/here we go again/no love for Womxn holding men/up like a crutch/give it up/we owing them

promise me that ya always gone care
& through the storm cold or warm
that you'll always be there
prove 2 me with actions that you're always down
ur my heaven on earth i always want u around

Verse 2
oh/i believe, i believe in this/gift from God i've been given/trust me She dont miss/when it come 2 this creation/i just try 2 receive/& be the vessel with the blessing/yeah u might even bleed/but see the strong gone survive indeed/& get wiser/cuz experience the best that you'll need/oh/i believe we'll see the change/Breonna aint see/cuz the power of the people is much greater than "E"/oh/i believe, i believe in love/life often victimizes everybody as thugs/if u looking like me with ya skin & ya tone/2 make it home best be strapped/cuz they capping with chrome/gone/get ya license legal carrying g's/it's up 2 us 2 protect us/it takes a village 2 breathe/oh/not another one/damn they killing us still/stay strong Black world/cuz forever we build/when we believe


from i Caint Fix My Self, released November 6, 2020
produced by Profound


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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