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Nothing's Gold

by MC Longshot

Verse1 Magic Johnson with a jumpshot/some people said/Benji Wilson was a legend/well b4 he was dead/6'8", 185/with grace he let 'em fly/super smooth with his moves/such a shame he would die/b4 he realized/how high his talents could climb/Ben was colder than the winter's wind/out of the Chi/from the SouthSide/outside @Cole Park he would play/sharpening his skills/getting better by the day/he was driven by his passion/4 the game 2 improve/when the papers say the best/he thought his name should include/so he worked/harder than he ever did b4/and that resulted in a state title in '84/it was Simeon's first/and his thirst contiued strong/dominating competition/proving the critics wrong/on the verge of fatherhood/learning how 2 be a man/young Benjamin was chosen/blessed with more than just a jam/I think he died/2 inspire cease the fire in every city/precious lives being lost/man we outta save the pity/had he lived/he woulda been exciting 2 watch perform/3-18-67 a star was born/11-21-84 a light was dimmed/over nothing/started busting/Billy Moore and a friend/as the story would end/he left behind a legacy/that will never be surpassed/by another human being Chorus(repeat phrase 2x) Had He Lived!/He was on his way 2 be/world champion/Hall Of Fame/MVP Had He Lived!/He was on his way 2 be/one of the greatest ever/that the world would see Verse 2 The lesson u gotta know/is that nothing is ever owed/u can be the best/the rawest and hella cold/but aint no promise that u'l make it/so make it count wen you roll/tommorow aint a given/with living thats how it goes/in the memory of Benji/and all of the fallen souls/I'm living to the fullest/accomplishing all my goals/gotta get rid of the guns/4 the seeds 2 really grow/but I know that wont happen/but at least a nigga hope/and at least a nigga dream/beyond the city and scene/saw his death/b4 he got 2 see/beyond the age of teen/life cut short/a familiar story and it seems/the spirit of Benji Wilson/still alive when I sing/still alive wen I rap/#25 on his back/and chest/4ever rest in peace/one of the best/never 2 see his destiny/become manifest/Benji Wilson lives 4ver/cuz never will we 4get Chorus
Its everyday we live and breathe/believing what we see/what we hear on the radio/is what we aim 2 be/shame 2 me/we aint advanced/beyond some bitches and some 'bands/I understand they make her dance/but where's the guidance from her parents/but look at me just staring/pretending like i'm caring/i'm tryin 2 see her as a soul/more than flesh and that's apparent/she teases as i'm tearing/a natural boy rick flaring/got moves like Lex Steele/and she my Miss Maclaren/i'm a heavyweight/every date/is tell and show/show and prove/prove em all wrong with this life/you never know/oooooh/it's all a guesstamation/please don't test my patience or my passion/i'm asking: what's the worth in waiting/if ya math subtracting? chorus: save us with the bullshit/yeah u like to pull shit/got a lot of guns/but nan one fena save us save us with the blah blah/yeah you like 2 rah rah/got a lot of cars/but nan one fena save us verse 2: you're no match 4 the govern/meant 2 take ya well earned/check how this hell burn/life another wheel turn/and I aint buying a vowel or lying down quiet/they decided 2 play us so foul/so now we riot/fight fire with fire/liars expire through they speech/it's the eye of the tiger/and heart of a lion when I speak/I seek refuge from the heat released by killing fleets of police in the streets/they warring but not 4 peace/high prices shelled out 4 gas/God even weeps/and the weeks seem so long/the storm never cease/please!!/I pay the cost 4 liberties they promised me/place the blame on ya shoulders if quarters Is all u c/we're still a slave 2 the master/card spend it up faster/ya'll fearing disasters that might never be/without proper funds I wonder if we'll ever be free/plus a million black babies dying daily/shit is deep chorus


'Nothing's Gold', Longshot's 7th studio album, has a duel meaning for the Midwest native. The idea to create the project was inspired first by an interview by Tupac Shakur where he mentioned a project he had hopes of completing called 'Nothing's Gold' where all the songs were to be recorded and written by kids. See, for the past couple years Shot has been working part time for a non profit after school program on the Southside of Minneapolis tutoring and mentoring underprivileged youth, so this idea really resonated with the impassioned emcee. The concept sparked something inside and Longshot began collecting beats from long time collaborator Panthrow aka Young Diamond. 'Nothing's Gold' also represents the world in which Longshot lives in and comes from: "all that glitters ain't gold". In fact for Longshot nothing is gold. In this day and age of music where it's all about shiny cars and jewelry, there are more pressing issues needing attention. Songs like 'Don't Cry', 'Had He Lived'(Benji Wilson), and 'I Pray' tell a story of kids trying to grow up positive in a negative environment. 'The American Way', 'Everybody' and 'Wake Up' touch on the topic of social justice and our responsibility to each other as people, as brothers and sisters. And even though 'Nothing's Gold', we still shine when we work hard and never give up('No Matter What' ft. deM atlaS, 'As I See It', 'On The Road'). This album has Longshot creating songs over more traditional boom bap production, with the soundscape being created by Kenny Keys, Young Diamond, Noam The Drummer and Akronem.


released February 1, 2014


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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