Instant 4 Eternity

by Longshot

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released May 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Longshot Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Weak ft. Rachel Jihan
Sometimes love aint enough/you give another person/all you got/but for what/trying to make it work/through the fighting and the hurt/but when he put his hands/on you lady/tell me what's it worth?/point blank/a man should never hit a woman/see, we learn that as little kids/so tell me why you bugging/insecure male/deep inside feeling frail/then that turns into/another brother going straight to jail/that's weak/I never understood how you could beat/the mother of ya child/out in public/in the street/straight disrespect/when you grab her by the neck/you need yo ass whooped homey/all the phoney's catching wreck/get me vexed/hearing how he beat the sister down/this is going to the lost and the Chris Browns/please, be a better model/for the young men of tomorrow/'cuz domestic abuse/aint nothing you should be proud of

That's Weak/beating on ya woman in the street/
That's Weak/smacking on ya girl claiming "G"/that's weak/
Hey/pussy nigga please be a man/
Put ya hands on a woman/you need to understand (repeat)


Hey Woman/Gots to stay strong/
Times get tough girl/you gotta carry on/
Yes you/you can leave that man/
No you dont gotta/see that hand (repeat)

Verse 2:

I saw my momma get smacked/while she was in a wheel chair/I try to erase the image from my brain/but it's still there/disturbing was the sight/watching a grown man fight/a woman disabled/so what I do?/I grabbed a knife/but I was only nine/at the time/as i'm trying/to get this big nigga/off my mama from behind/as I'm crying.../throwing my lil' fists/I knew what he was doing/was the opposite of a kiss/a kid should never ever/see his momma get hit/and like I said/a man should never put his hands on a chick/Hey/this is going out/to those who take the coward route/I could never relate/to what ya life and style about/cuz it's Weak!


Track Name: Lord Have Mercy
man I grind like I do/and I rhyme like I do/cuz I aint neva had shit/so I ask the Lord/to please forgive me for my sins/and wash away the pain and hurt/that I've caused others/please save my sisters/and bless my brothers

Chorus: part A

Lord have mercy on us/Lord have mercy on our souls(repeat)

Chorus: part B

so much on my mind/feel like i'm losing time/but I keep it going/
but, but I keep it going(repeat)

Verse 2:

yeah/dont stress grandmother/she way too frail/ima give it all I got/and never stop/spitting hot/how is he gone fail?/we wont snail/just keep on beasting/feasting on these beats/i'm yeasting/rising up fast/for the cash/neva blast/outlast all the rest/cuz the sound like weaklings/need to up that weight/it aint up to fate/it's up to you/pick up make moves/shake fools/neva stop for the hate/watch how they wait/with extended hands/freedom aint free/i'ma stick to the plan/killing every jam/with my pen/til i'm in/tell a friend it's ya man/and I know I can

Chorus: A&B