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by Longshot

I'm Saying 02:32
Verse 1 damn/another black dead/4 no other reason/than I was just a black man/passing through this white land/on my way 2 God/aint no holding back them/damn/another black gone/for no other reason/than I was on my way home/sad, such an old familiar song/that my parents finna sing/as they bury me alone/wrong/I never did nothing 2 em/but they try 2 double kill me/twisting thigs that I was doing/just 2 justify murder/assassinate my soul/74 days world/what took u so long/damn/here we go again/I heard they killed somebody else/this time a sister 2 them/this is public lynching/no matter how u view/and u view it everyday/so tell me what u doing Chorus they say freedom aint free well how bout u lower the price and please stop killing these black kids tonite I'm saying, that's all I'm saying(repeat phrase 1x) Verse 2 damn/another black dead/4 no other reason/than I had black skin/living in this white world/sending prayers up 2 God/hope we get it right world/damn/another black gone/4 no other reason/than I was already home/sleeping in my bed/never heard them 8 shots/boyfriend trying 2 protect me/not knowing its the cops/tell me/why I have 2 die/if I did nothing wrong/and u already had the guy/that u were looking 4/just took the law in ya own/bloody pig hands/and left my family 2 mourn/damn/I know it's gonna happen again/prolly already has/there's no respect for our men/women or our children/but we gotta keep building/and if you're a white ally/then tell me what u doing Chorus
Salutations 01:52
'Salutations' intro they hate you/caint wait 2/assassinate u verse1 this is 4 the shortys all around/the youth/yeah u can be what ya wanna/all is found in you/yeah u hold the key/unlocking your dreams/dont ever let somebody/tell u something/they aint seen/cuz they aint seen/wat you've seen/helluva scene/ya daddy's brains all over/mommy sobbing & screams/the police dont give a fuck/cuz u blacker than yuck/dont pack it up lil nigga/keep it ragged n ruff cuz... chorus they hate you/caint wait 2/degrade u/assassinate u verse 2 in these crucial times/using rhymes/i am odd/with a G in front/the extra d for determination thru the hard/black people get ahead/using all we was given/living on thru the future stars/im praying for us thru the verses/hope we see tomorrow/i feed em all/& feel they hunger/when the metal roars/ghetto wars got blacks/fighting blacks 4 more/poor & we still spilling liquor 4 em/dying daily/going crazy/spending that link money/think dummy/b4 they have u in them clinks bummy/writing letters/fighting weather, hoping the rain stops/them same cops selling crack 2 kids/got they thing cocked/eager 2 bust/we on the bus/still trying 2 get 2 the front/i wonder if we'll ever even up/just keep it tough/& believe in U.S.(Unified Souls)/it's the way of a warrior/2 never give it up cuz... chorus
Plenty 01:45
Lyrics: verse 1 know my name/love my style/cant hold me back/cant hold me down/cant kill my spirit/or my sound/i'm way too fresh/and way too proud/got way too much in store for me/cant shut me down/cant shut me out/cant shut me up/i'm way too loud/this what I tell em when they ask me chorus how many flows u got on deck/I got plenty, I got plenty how many o's u got to invest/I got plenty, I got plenty how many bros u got to bless/I got plenty, I got plenty I got, I got plenty, I got, I got plenty I got verse 2 I got so much on my mind/tryin find time/to just unwind/but baby I grind/with every single line/jotting down life in the form of a rhyme/the storm will subside/and bring a brighter day/be the sunshine when the world look grey/ur force and ur great/they could never take away/what's inside of you/cuz ur soul is a safe/worth more than a wraith/gotta get the paps/gotta get the info holding back all the states/and pass it on to the people/cuz we need it/just believe it/we gone beat it/like Ali in the jungle for the pay/this is how I pray/every living day/hot 16s for the teens/and the stray/trying to find my way/ey!/everybody wanna know/so this is wat I say chorus
Ioneed 01:42
Chorus embrace everything you're going through/and trust everything it's showing you/and know everything has a way.../this life don't nobody owe you/live right please let go the old you/prize fight and don't give it all away Verse live 4 today/live 4 2nite/live 4 urself/live 4 the life/live 4 the way/u r the light/u light the way/follow the bright/watch wat they say/watch wat they write/I don't fell safe/shrouded by fright/confound in my space/clouding my mind/travel and hide/I feel i'm in a maze/bound up inside/breaking the chains/by swallowing pride/I cant let em invade/hold up, i'm fine.../I said i'm fine/ioneed Chorus
Chorus profit over people kill u 4 the funds that's the root of evil money #1 they don't really see u cuz they only care about u when they need u Verse 1 Damn/caint get outside myself/they got me caged like an animal/all by myself/I let the beat bang out/while I kiss on Jane/and pitch a raw 16/that'll hit yo brain/like, like, like/the government stem/that's just a poor attempt/in hopes that we could/love it again/but I could never love a country/that would shoot me dead/and let the killer get away/cuz he's blue team bred/like, like, like/how u get yo grip/blood money make the world go round/let's take a trip/oh the got us on restriction/need ya gloves and a mask/control the mass with the fear/this year could be our last/but I aint giving in/no friend/they don't care about ya health homeboy/that's how they got they wealth/economics hella racist/the only color is green/that really matters/let's get madder/and tear down the regime Chorus pop, pop, pop, pop/profit over people kill u 4 the funds that's the root evil money #1 & they don't really see u cuz they only care about u when they need u all I hear is... Verse 2 white opinions on the plight of blacks/don't ever try 2 tell me/how I should act/if u aint living with your skin as a target/trust that Target is good/and should be giving back/2 folks in the hood/but not the ones representing/white sheets/or the shield of the blue/they make a profit off of black deaths too/what u thought?/that they really gone protect us/when the shit hit the fan/that's why they went/and got the National Clan/THE WHITE MAN AINT GOT NO PLANS/ON CARING 4 U/BUT BLACK WOMEN THEY GONE CARRY US THROUGH/we aint through/this is only the just the start/trust ya heart and ya gut/if ya can/nigga stay strapped up/they gone buck/cuz they see us a threat/or as dollars and cents/but never as people/freedom go as far as we spent/and that's the evil/the root of every time that we vent/i'll never leave u/even when they empty them clips like... Chorus
Burn It Down 02:33
Verse 1 let's get started/all the haters gotta exit quick/they insecure/out in public trying 2 measure dicks/I hold my own/and spit these poems feeling barely fine/Phelps backstroking in the belly of the scary kind/my partner poppin/and she'll prolly put the pistol 2 u/we get the prof and the pot/plus the lit could move you/and everyday/i'm creating my way/so u aint gotta worry bout a thing/nigga please just do u/it's living through u/all the energy you'll ever need/unless it's negative/cuz homey that'll never 'ceed/just suc/my work ethic's my luck/and I aint never giving up/like Puffy without a buck/take that/and when i'm rolling with Tha Army/none u fakes can harm me/and that's for the po-po too/pigs tried 2 swarm me/I got away/2 fight another day/and now I say/BURN THE DAMN SYSTEM DOWN/5 alarm it Chorus burn it down 2 the ground/make em feel how we feel/man they killing us slow/(bang, bang)/burn it down 2 the ground burn it down/burn it down 2 the ground burn it down burn it down 2 the ground/make em feel how we feel/man they killing us for show/(bang, bang)/burn it down 2 the ground burn it down/burn it down 2 the ground burn it down Verse 2 i'm saying/let's come together united/fighting as one/there's power in the people/the racists wont overcome/if we all do our part/from the heart/loving the next/person as it worsens/we gotta be on protect/cuz those that's hired 2 do it/wont ever will/expect us not 2riot/be quiet and stand still/please/however u heal/and feel the need 2 deal/do it/cuz the passion behind the anger is real/yeah/we hella tired of walking a million miles/while they pass us in the cars/flashing devilish smiles/put the flame 2 the wick/no John/and bomb sick/fear works both ways/however u see fit/get busy/get going/we owe it 2 those b4 us/and those coming after/2 always fight until they floors/but even if that happen/we rising up from the ash/and this is how I/this is how I/burn down the C.A.P.S.(crooked ass police system) Chorus


'I'm Saying', music inspired by the times for the times. Hope it helps. Proceeds from this project will go to community organizations in Chicago and Minneapolis working to end police brutality and social injustices.



released June 5, 2020

All tracks produced by Omen


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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