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i Caint Fix My Self

by MC Longshot

i can fix myself(repeat 3x)/i know i can i caint fix myself(repeat 3x)/i'm only one man verse1 so much trouble inside/i dont feel right/i dont feel like/i'm normal in my mind/& i try 2 fix it/ with a shot a night/or i'm rolling up kind/trying 2 get away from mine/plus we dealing with swine/yal dont gotta remind/i know i aint fine/i'm pushing everybody out/cutting everybody off/bout 2 disappear 4ever/no goodbyes chorus i'm saying/i'm saying... i can fix myself(repeat 3x)/i know i can damn/damn... i caint fix myself(repeat 3x)/i'm only one man verse2 i feel so broken & hopeless/worthless like dead beat dads bogus/when i write yal dont take notice/like i aint out here the coldest/thats ok/i'mma keep going/growing like concrete rose Oakland/hope u relate 2 the quoting/& find inspiration knowing Chorus Outro i caint fix myself/& i know it/& i show it/& i'm growing/when i look & ask 4 help
oh/i believe, i believe in me/& in the process of becoming what i'm meant 2 be/saving lives with my raps/yeah i doctor the beat/like my GG used 2 do/potato salad 2 eat/oh/i believe, i believe in fam/even though we aint the closest/know i never will scram/sticking true by ya side/4eva as much as i can/we gone see them better days/cuz that's part of the plan/oh/i believe, i believe in U.S./Unified Souls/suffering 2 gain some trust/that we'll prolly never get/thoughts of burying me/only produce more seeds/now watch em carry the "V"/thats the vision of a new America 4 the B/L-A-C-K people fighting 4 free/oh/here we go again/no love for Womxn holding men/up like a crutch/give it up/we owing them Chorus promise me that ya always gone care & through the storm cold or warm that you'll always be there prove 2 me with actions that you're always down ur my heaven on earth i always want u around Verse 2 oh/i believe, i believe in this/gift from God i've been given/trust me She dont miss/when it come 2 this creation/i just try 2 receive/& be the vessel with the blessing/yeah u might even bleed/but see the strong gone survive indeed/& get wiser/cuz experience the best that you'll need/oh/i believe we'll see the change/Breonna aint see/cuz the power of the people is much greater than "E"/oh/i believe, i believe in love/life often victimizes everybody as thugs/if u looking like me with ya skin & ya tone/2 make it home best be strapped/cuz they capping with chrome/gone/get ya license legal carrying g's/it's up 2 us 2 protect us/it takes a village 2 breathe/oh/not another one/damn they killing us still/stay strong Black world/cuz forever we build/when we believe
we was flat broke from the beginning/brothers had jokes/cuz our clothes was hiding whippings/Robin kept on giving us daily 2 calm us children/plus we dealing with/all the pressures of bogus living like/like crack stole my peoples soul/with no equal dough/my bro got even mo/heated as they treated him bogey/& called the po/4ever we keep losing/when choosing 2 fight our own/like/i remember my cousin Greg said: "Chad dont be letting these phoneys get in ya head/cuz haters can kill a dream."/man better that g/now on the mic i be telling my life like/like Ron Artest/yal wanna fight me/i remember rocking British Knights instead of Nikes/with the snake skin hat 2 match/damn i changed son/but i aint gone never ever 4get where i came from/the ghetto like 67th & Stoney Island/East End/2 72nd & Union wilding/i remember hooping on milk crates til we called/my 1st foster home with Veronica was a ball like/like going chest 2 chest with Maurice/i was 9 at the time/& he was 12 at least/a lesson learned from my chesta burn/no respect 4 herbs/so i puffed up/& just kept thowing them thangs like/like this one time we was flipping/u know on a mattress in a lot/i must have kicked him/cuz dude got up salty/assaulted me/whooped my ass/but after that/we went back 2 flipping unawkwardly like/like most black kids/no dad was here/so i grew with mad fear/but i'm a rising sun/and i'm arriving son/so i aint gone 4get my past years/or where i came from the ghetto
I had become twisted & filled with hate/dark wont defeat darkness/it's light that takes/& that light lives in love/so let it come from ya chest/release the anger like a hanger/taking off that dress/underneath we're all naked/i wear my heart on my arm/if i'm mad all the time/that's not helping that's harm/i gotta play it right/my part with the art imma lead/it's always been inside of me/2 write these songs how i bleed/cuz that's my ink/i dont think/i just roll it & breathe/walk around with a cockiness above the knee/above the neck/heck/i'm just definitely/on my grind all the time/aint no resting 4 me/expecting 2 be/more than what u ever could see/i just did a couple days/& know that freedom aint free/but i caint be dumb/& just give the key/2 lock me up & throw away/that's not my destininy/ rest in love George Floyd/& all the rest that done died/Breonna Taylor/say their names/from the chest we done cried/so tired of seeing another one/go 2 the grave/by the hands of the people/thats protected & paid/paid 2 neglect us/left us when needed the most/the world is a vampire/why we bleeding the most/receiving the least/cease with the negative please/at least consider our lives/when we talking police/cuz see blues lives matter/aint arresting 4 me/a uniform aint a life/its whats under the neath/we under it deep/the system built oppresivesivly/attacking Brown & Black Womxn/so depressing 2 see/we gotta love better/men us especialaly/we in a spiritual war fare/fighting ourselves 2 the E/N-D/no dice when it come 2 the D/evil trying 2 take us under/cuz u only get 1
i'm not ok i'm not ok i'm not ok! i been going thru the worst drama/ever in my life/i aint even got a wife or a damn boo thang/i just got a lot of love/& a quarter ounce of bud/trying 2 solve all my problems with a brand new bang/let the beats rain down/with a g amount of force/& of course its ya choice/if u stay or move mane/steady wallowing in pity/caint be honoring the iffy/pretty shitty erybody trying to play a few games/damn/i just wanna get it/so we living hella illy/hating niggas looking silly/i'm just trying 2 roll/get a good amount of shows on the road/here we go/never slowing down/getting better with the sound/flippin styles like a frown/so smile when we put it down/smile when we come around/never fena leave/we 4ever on the g/if u really making moves/then u gone have enemies/never mind none of those/jus shine on them hoes/when u grind on ya goals/like a Master for the P/aint limit 4 the cheese/with ya tank on E/we aint never had cash/but they bank on me/im talkin bout my fam/yal dont even understand/ chorus i am not ok/got a lot of shit thats on my brain/& i try 2 smoke it all away/but i end up feeling/i just end up feeling/i just end up feeling/not ok/got alot of shit/that's on my brain/& i try 2 smoke it all away/but i end up feeling/i just end up feeling/not ok verse2 sticking out ya hand like fan damn/erybody want it but dont plan man/mooching like u minnie/still pretending like u winning/get offended when i mention u a damn stan/read the script know ya role fool/play ya part like u 'sposed 2/never put in work/still complaining like a jerk/see u gotta wake up no one owes u/ddddont be waiting 4 it just get on ya griz/hhhhomey hella nosey tell him mind his ears/ttttell em mind they own/get them raps & weight up/nnnnno sleep til successful why them bastards laid up?/and only mastered baiting/i dont kiss ass 2 make it/although they last & waiting/i will wish em well/wont pass the bacon/no i wont ask/i'll take it/my faith in G get me past the Satan/American Black man trying 2 do it 4 the fam/whites dont even understand chorus intro
verse1 i'm dealing with feelings/i got a few feelings/i'm illing pretending/that im 2 inventive/2 ever contend with/the inner dimensions/without interventions/i'm bred with pretension/my dead intuition aint finished/its splendid and vintage/no bending no friending with foes/no love 4 the phoneys/fake homeys/thats only gone jock u so sadly/4 how u rock clothes/not 4 the shows/fine just dont fuck with me/i'm not that ugly/i know what u want from me/i'm not gone give it/just pivot around u/define u as formerly warming & bubbly/rolling it lovely/i float above of me/everything under me/everything fun 2 me/everything i dont get/hope that u get it/depending on how much u loving & rubbing me/damn u the sun 2 me/& u the moon 2 me/soon 2 be cool with me fooling me/run from me/came back explaining you feigning/the shit that u said is dead/& totally got me Chorus feeling some kinda way hoping i find some hope maybe i'll die 2day but i'm hoping i find that hope i'm feeling some kinda way (i'm trying 2 release/& find some peace) Verse 2 woke up feeling not fine 2day/despite the blue i must find a way/2 paint a new picture/& color the world however i want/i'll design a way/2 conquer the pain & depression/caint live a good life with aggression/trying 2 be kind myself/but i'm finding myself acting out 4 affection/fuck it/let's drink & do drugs/like that shit gone lift me above/all of the hurt that i'm feeling/aint healing if all i do is walk around buzzed/spreadin the love is a must/only good energy trust/i work on myself cuz i know i need fixing/& sometimes i care too much/sometimes i dont care enough/sometimes i just wanna die/we all get an ending/there's no need pretending/that's probably why i am chorus


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved



MC Longshot Coffeyville, Kansas

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip Hop artist from Chicago, IL. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others. ... more

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