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Longshot returns yet again with a new project, '#FTP'. Sticking with long time collaborator and musical partner, TGIK, Longshot has crafted a 6 song EP. In these times of social unjust, police brutalities and senseless murders, now more than ever the world needs music that uplifts, inspires and instigates positive change. '#FTP', Longshot's first extended play release, attempts to do those very things.


released April 14, 2015

All songs produced by LS & TGIK
Recorded by Bob Lindberg at Gravebomb Studios and Andre Mariette at Timbral Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Andre Mariette at Timbral Studios



all rights reserved


Longshot Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: #FTP
Inner City blues many use and distribute/like universal/you the 1st 2 lose when them men blew/cannons at ya man/4 the franklins and the grams/brothers bang 2 get ahead for real/you better scram/cuz the police/coming at ya scalp like they did Indians/hem me in/i'll box my way out/oh shit, it's them again/here we go/hear me flow 4 those fighting the po for dough/C.rooked A.ss P.olice/C.A.P.'d another one/damn!/another brown down/not Julie Downtown/but on the ground found/bleeding from his crown/not a ghetto wild child/he was innocent on his path/it's sad/we need 2 UNIFY!!

For The People/Fuck The Police/Fight The Power
This is #FTP!!

Blacks dying Daley/like a ritual 4real/Ferguson's a microcosm of how the country truly feels/they call us animals and dirt/treat us less than our worth/and hunt us down in the street/2 cease the purpose of our birth/show me earth/i'll show u pain/plus the poverty's insane/but that's not the issue when another child/is slain in vain/how they bang?/with a badge and a billy bullet blast/aphixiation choking niggas/cuz he's darker than your 'stache/park ya fash/and the cash aint enuf 2 me classed/when they dying on the way 2 school/and u feel harassed/cuz u thought we wouldn't last/they tried to kill us off/but we just multiplied and got stronger/like a killer cough/and u can send your military men/but i'll never be afraid 2 protest what you believe in

For The People/Fuck The Police/Fight The Power
This is #FTP!!
Track Name: As One ft. John Meachem
As One/is when we'll get much stronger/we can't get much wronger/I need 2 get my life and my money right/the funny types/they always telling jokes when they holding mics/but not me/cuz Shot be/throwing them stones/like my name was Roc C/I got beef if you giving in/live 4 ya kids/instead of dying 4 a grand/or getting locked in the pen/again/man what you hating for?/waiting for another 2 put you on aint gone make it boy/take it boy from the floor 2 the roof as proof/that you can make something out of nothing/and that's the truth/like the crisis of blacks dying too young by gun/or babies having babies/we 2 unite as one before we're done/let's all get a raise/when we rise to enterprise and gain before they're eyes

I pray that painful days be through/as long as we remain untrue/we wont break away/let's unite/and all fight(As One!)

We need 2 come together/As One(repeat)

As One/United States of America/as one Chicago ILL here to build it up/as one globe for world peace/girl I know it hurts/be strong/it's gone cease/when our fathers who plant em/raise they seed right/be the sunshine that they need/believe to see the light/be the spark to their fire that adds fuel 2 the flame/in a positive way/hey let's make a change/strange days when we still live like slaves 4 a chain/stave the pain like a wrestler/working the frame/and know the rain gone remain when black clouds over hang/be your own silver lining/yal know the saying/so many days spent trying to be more than poor/we cant afford a seat on the floor/so reach for em/explore this "E"/vote for sure/do something about/don't just hope for a cure